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Calendar of Events - 2023

Join us for the Thrills and Spills of 2023!  Here's our 2023 calendar for the rest of the year as of 4/6/23.   

Also find the Carson City High Sierra Radio Control events below in blue italics.  For more info on Carson Club events contact Gary R. Fuller at

April 22                    Spring Roll Out Party - Carson City Club

Spring '22               Washoe Lake Float Fly Starts @ Washoe Lake - Details below

May 4                       Monthly Club Meeting @ Kelso's

May 6                       Swap Meet & Fun Fly- Carson City Club

May 13                      Fun Fly and BBQ @ Club Field

June 1                        Monthly Club Meeting @ Kelso's

June 17                      Military Fun Fly & BBQ  @ Club Field

June 17                      Family Picnic & Fun Fly - Carson City Club

July 6                         Monthly Club Meeting @ Kelso's            

July 15                        Death Ride @ Topaz Lake Stop

July 22                       Open House, Learn to Fly, & BBQ @ Club Field

July 29                       Bi-Plane & Fun Fly - Carson City Club

August 3                     Monthly Club Meeting @ Kelso's

August 12                   National Aviation Model Day

August 19                   Poker Run Contest, Fun Fly, & BBQ @ Club Field

August 26                  Electric Fun Fly - Carson City Club

September 7             Monthly Club Meeting @ Kelso's

September 9             Night Fly - Carson City Club

September 13-17      Reno Air Races

October 5                   Monthly Club Meeting @ Kelso's

October 7                  Club BBQ hosted by Jim & Gloria Kelso @ Kelsos

October 21                Fun Fly, Family Day, & BBQ @ Club Field

November 2              Monthly Club Meeting @ Kelso's

November 4              Military Plane Contest & BBQ @ Club Field

November 11            Thanksgiving Turkey Shot / Balloon Bust - Carson City Club

December 7              Christmas Party at Carson Valley Country Club

January 1                  Frozen Finger Fun Fly @ Carson Club Field

Float Flying  with the Carson Club starts this Spring at Washoe Lake. Go north on HWY 395, turn off at East Lake  Blvd, proceed north to Douglas Drive, turn left 'til the road dead ends at Lakeshore Drive.  Turn right, then quickly left on to 233 to Sandy Beaches parking area.  There is a parking fee.


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